Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
The Easter Alleluia happily proclaims that Christ is Risen! He is truly risen as He said. In this most blessed Easter season, even though our lives have changed and routines and priorities have been altered so drastically, the unaltered promise of Jesus is fulfilled and remains our security and our hope. The Risen Christ is the One whose side was pierced with a lance and poured forth the Fountain of Immortality and so, our joy must not be diluted with tears of sadness today.
I’ve seen the refreshment of life that His Fountain of Immortality has been giving. Wounded as we are by the virus and the impact it has had even on our going to Mass, I cannot begin to tell you how edified I am by our people who have been comforted and even delighted as they admire their priests for their unyielding efforts to bring, as best they can, the elements and fruits of the Mass and Sacraments despite the challenging circumstances they, and we, all face.
I am reminded of the words of St. Maximillian Kolbe who, in the most dire of circumstances said, “Let us remember that love lives through sacrifice, and is nourished by giving.” How we are all striving to live those words in our own day! The Fountain of Immortality still pours forth the grace for which the side of Christ was pierced. Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia. He IS Risen! Although the pews are empty at this time, the life of the parish lives through sacrifice and is nourished by giving. Our priests are finding ways of giving and in the midst of sacrifice continue to nourish their people. How blessed we are!
As members of the Church in New Hampshire, you, too, must be thanked for your generous and sacrificial support of your Church. Despite being fiscally prudent, many of your pastors are facing unexpected financial hardship for their parishes due to the effects of the pandemic. Your support each week is a blessed sacrificial gift flowing from your heart! YOU have shown that the wellsprings of the graces of the Fountain of Immortality continue to flow in the Church even in, and especially in, times of greatest need. In this time of particular need, I appeal to you that, if your means allow, you continue and possibly increase your support in one or each of these suggested ways:
1) Encourage friends and relatives to be sure that they know they can contribute at this time.
2) Contributions can be made to our newly established Together in Faith: Parish Support Fund, which gives immediate assistance to parishes in extreme financial hardship due to the pandemic.
3) If, by any chance you find prayerfully that you can increase your giving to your parish by 10%, our parish life will continue uninterruptedly throughout this critical time. You can visit page to give online to your parish, or if you give by check, fill out a digital commitment card.
Many of our parishes strive zealously to livestream Mass and Devotions, and open the churches for prayer and Adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament, and Confessions. These are the channels of grace pouring from the Fountain of Immortality – Christ and his Sacraments.
Throughout history, Catholics have always responded abundantly to the trials they have faced. We respond, we sacrifice and we give out of love. In this most challenging time, I ask that you prayerfully consider in what way you can offer immediate financial support to the Catholic Church here in New Hampshire.

Gratefully and faithfully yours in Our Lord,
+Most Reverend Peter A. Libasci