I would like to clarify Mass being celebrated on Wednesday and Sunday.  These are classified as private Masses which Bishop Libasci has asked that we continue to celebrate.  In my case, where I am in the parish only two days per week, one day necessarily must be on Sunday.  Since I was asked to make the parish business day on Wednesday, I do celebrate the Mass on that morning.  I have not publicized the time of Masses as we are allowed only ten people, including the celebrant, to be present.  When I discovered that a small group of people gathered daily to pray, I asked them if they would be present for the Masses on both days as representatives of the parish community.  I don’t like to exclude people, but I must abide by the regulations imposed by the authorities during this time of crisis.  On Sundays, the Mass is for the intentions of The People of the Parish.  On the other days, I am satisfying the intentions which are entered in the Mass book by celebrating Mass at home.  Information on these intentions will be published in the bulletin.  We are all looking forward to the day when we can all return to celebrate the Mass as a congregation in our parish church.  I thank you for your understanding and patience.

Prayers in Christ, Fr. Eddy