November is a special time for remembering our loved ones who have gone to their final reward.  It also signals that the liturgical year is drawing to a close.  Before we say goodbye to St. Matthew, though, his Gospel has a few last lessons for us about the finality of all things.  Matthew Chapter 25 has been called the gospel in miniature.  We hear about the wise and foolish virgins, the responsible and unreliable servants, and the celebrated sheep and goats.  Choose your camp wisely, for in these divisions, eternity lies in the balance.  These apocalyptic scenarios should tip off the assembly that we are approaching the season of the eschaton, more cheerfully known as Advent. 
Time is short.  Thanksgiving is near.  The Co-chairs of our Parish Outreach Committee – Millie Berry and Nancy Sweeney – are collecting non-perishable food items and donations to help assemble Thanksgiving baskets for those in the local community who could use some help.  Collection baskets and canisters are near the entrances to the church building.  Thank you for your customary generosity.  Betty Webster  and Gloria Morin are also members of the Parish Outreach Committee.
Speaking of generosity, thanks to all our parishioners who contribute so generously to keep our Parish going – through online giving or envelopes – especially during these challenging, unstable times.  In a couple of weeks, a concise statement will be shared in the bulletin, showing the good news about the “stable” financial status of the parish.  Thanks to the members of the Parish Finance Council for keeping us fiscally healthy:  Chris Thompson, Fred Mehrmann, Marty Nastasia, Margaret Sweeney, as well as Mike Cummings, our newest member!
A wonderful donation of time and talent is worthy of mention here.  Tom Ortowski power washed the church edifice last week.  Prayer means everything to Tom, so please say a prayer of thanksgiving for his special gift of brightening our façade. 
Finally, I will be away on retreat next week.  Please welcome Fr. Gerry Bertin, who will be joining us for liturgies on Thursday, Friday, and Masses on the weekend.
Fr. John Mahoney