Saturday, December 5  4:30 PM Jean, Paul, James, John Welch & William McManus By Welch family

Sunday, December 6              
7:30 AM Dr. Herb Gardner (Living)Happy Birthday!
By Bridgette Brown Gardner
10:00 AM William Berry By Nancy Sweeney

Monday, December 7 6:00 PM Herta Sutton
By Thomas Sutton

Tuesday, December 8 8:00 AM For the People of the Parish

Wednesday, December 9 8:00 AM Amy Maki (Living)
By Jane & Ray Maki

Thursday, December 10 8:00 AM Peter Eisenhauer, Jr.
By Peter & Cecile

Friday, December 11 8:00 AM  Eisenhauer family ~ Lynn, Larry, Robert, Peter Jr.
By Mary Donovan

Saturday, December 12 4:30 PM For the People of the Parish

Sunday, December 13
7:30 AM  John Mosco
By Peter & Carol
10:00 AM Murgas family (Living)
By Maria Schirduan