One of the true joys of ministry at St. Joseph’s Parish in Lincoln is meeting the diversity of visitors at daily and weekend Masses.  People come from everywhere to join us for prayer and worship.  All are welcomed in this place!

Frequently, seminarians from St. John’s Seminary in Brighton, MA and Our Lady of Providence Seminary in Providence, RI come to ski the White Mountains.  While here, they take a mini-retreat from their studies and join this worshipping community for Eucharist – disciples one and all, gathered together, coming from near and far, to “see” Jesus in the breaking of the bread.  It is refreshing to know that the call-and-discernment initiatives of the Holy Spirit continue to nurture men and women aspiring to religious life by spreading the message of the gospel and giving continued life to Mother Church.  More, it is inspiring that we play a role in the formation process of these special visitors.

When we pray for “vocations” we still seem to mean a call to religious life or to ministry, but, generally, that should include the call to single and married life.  Vocation Sunday should prompt us to recognize how much we care for the church and how much we make inviting women and men to ministry a priority in our parish.  While appreciating all vocations, the Church concentrates its attention this weekend on vocations to the ordained ministries (priesthood and diaconate), consecrated life in all its forms (male and female religious life, societies of apostolic life, consecrated virginity), secular institutes in their services and membership, and to the missionary life.

Under the auspices of the Holy Spirit and by the intercession of the Blessed Mother, please pray for vocations!

With prayerful best wishes,
Father John Mahoney