Traditionally, on Mother’s Day weekend we focus on our mother’s love for us.  For many, memories take us back to our youth when a simple smile and a generous hug would make all that was wrong in our lives right.  More phone calls, greeting cards, and Zoom chats will be exchanged this weekend in America than at any other time of the year as children everywhere reconnect with their mothers, hoping to hear the smile in their mother’s voice that will once again make everything right.  Families will gather to celebrate that maternal love.  Our deceased mothers will be remembered in church services, at cemeteries, and in moments of quiet prayer everywhere.

Unfortunately, some children have memories of a mother who could neither provide for nor live up to the responsibilities of good and effective mothering, for any number of reasons.  Holy Mother Church, in Her infinite wisdom, fills such voids with a universal and nurturing Blessed Mother who engages a loving relationship with all of God’s children.  Each and every one!  Mary, our ever-present, ever-loving Mother has taught us all the true meaning of today’s gospel message – to share love unconditionally. 

As you exit the church today, please take home with you a pink carnation and place it in a prominent place.  May it remind you to pray “Hail, Mary, full of grace…” that the Blessed Mother will continue to love, protect, and guide God’s children of all ages and wherever they may be.

With prayerful best wishes,

Fr. John Mahoney