We only have only so much psychological and spiritual energy. We easily get tired. Responding to life’s demands and people’s needs can really zap us of all of our energy. Anger, frustration, exhaustion, discouragement, helplessness, and even apathy can run wild. We can find ourselves bitter and irritated by the fact that we have to do it all again. We need to rest, connect, and focus. Deserted places, free of unnecessary distractions and demands, are great places of refreshment and we all need them. Desiring to be alone for a bit and rest does not indicate selfishness. Rather it radiates wisdom. God is the source of all we do and the satisfaction of every human heart. If we are going to use the gifts God gave us well, then we have to make sure our batteries are recharged and replenished. Jesus invites us to go to a desert place to rest and pray. Where is yours?

Liturgical Training Press