Dear Parishioners,

The power of the Holy Spirit at St. Joseph Parish was quite evident last Saturday when the parish’s appointed liturgical ministers, old and new, gathered in the church to learn more about the ministries of Lector and of Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion.  Our guest speaker was Mary Jane Silvia, Director of Adult Faith Formation for the Diocese of Manchester.  She taught us about the historical and theological foundations of these ministries in the Church, and the importance of each minister’s spiritual preparation for and adherence to the practical rubrics of proclaiming Sacred Scripture and for the distribution of Holy Communion when the Catholic faithful assemble for Holy Mass.

At the gathering, it was my honor to install as Lector and to commission as Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion the following new ministers:

Steven Babin
Bill Burdin
Jessica Burdin
Jo-Ann Burdin
Fran Chevalier-Smith
Michael Cummings
Anthony Fitzherbert
Paula King
Pauline Labrecque
Steven Labrecque
JoAnn McCarthy
Delia Sullivan
Bill Waterhouse

We are grateful, indeed, for the gift of these new ministers, but even more to the Holy Spirit for breathing forth these charisms into the community here at St. Joseph Parish.

With prayerful best wishes,
Fr. John Mahoney