Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

With deep joy and gratitude, I extend to you – parishioners and visitors alike – my prayerful best wishes for a holy and blessed Christmas Season and New Year!

Several years ago, I received a Christmas card with this message: “This Christmas, I wish you Jesus.”  On the inside it read: “Isn’t it nice to have everything!”  Miracles came to us in all shapes and sizes during this past Advent Season, but the perfect gift was the miracle found in the manger on that first Christmas morning – a perfect gift because it keeps on giving and giving and giving.

The Christmas Season has a way of bringing back to church individuals and families who, for various reasons, have not been to Mass for a while.  What a wonderful and grace-filled opportunity to put aside past differences and old habits and to begin anew into 2022 that prayerful relationship with the Lord.  Over the year to come – and amid all our current challenges and concerns – may we grow together in strength and grace to know and celebrate God’s presence in our lives.

May our Lord Jesus Christ, born in Bethlehem, bless you, your families and loved ones at this holy time of hope and grace, and may Mary, the Mother of God and our Mother, watch over you always.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Fr. John Mahoney