Dear Parishioners and Visitors,

May God bless you on a job well done!  To facilitate our charitable assistance endeavors this year, the Parish Outreach Committee, acting on your behalf, opted to collaborate with the Lincoln Woodstock Rotary to provide Thanksgiving baskets and Christmas dinners and gifts to area friends in need of support.  Especially meritorious were your gifts sent to the rectory, placed in the Poor Box, and left under the Giving Tree.  Stuart Anderson, our liaison between the Parish Outreach Committee and the Rotary, reports below how these generous gestures on your part affected the Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations of the beneficiaries. 

With such a positive impact the St. Joseph’s Parish helped support, nourish, sustain, and bring peace and joy to the following:

▪ 32 Families with Thanksgiving baskets containing turkey dinners and all the trimmings.
▪ 77 Individuals consisting of seniors, veterans, widows, and widowers, with hot dinners on Thanksgiving Day.
▪ 34 Families at Christmas with much needed clothing, gifts, toys, books, arts and crafts, toiletries, and food boxes.
▪ 174 Individuals consisting of seniors, veterans, widows, and widowers, with meals and fruit baskets delivered just before Christmas by teams of carol singers.

Furthermore, the generosity of St. Joseph’s Parish was so plentiful that we were able to extend our support to neighboring communities.

Once again, thank you.  The kindness demonstrated by the Parish is praiseworthy and strengthens the Rotary mottos of ‘Service Above Self’ and ‘People of Action’.

Aside from “thank you and God bless you,” what more can be said?

Fr. John Mahoney