Saturday, May 28 4:30 PM Cameron Morrissette                                              
By:  Susan Whitman

Sunday, May 29
7:30 AM People of the Parish                                           
10:00 AM Mildred Berry
By:  Millie Berry                                                 

Wednesday, June 1 8:00 AM Dominika Murgasova (Living)
By:  Her Sister          

Thursday, June 2 8:00 AM Preborn brothers and sisters
By:  Wayne Goulet  

Friday, June 3 8:00 AM Jim Lahey (Living)
By:  Ronnie Comesana

Saturday, June 4   4:30 PM Mary Jane & Clement Camesana, Sr.       
By:  Ronnie Comesana

Pentecost Sunday, June 5
7:30 AM Erminio Mosco
By:  Peter & Carol
10:00 AM People of the Parish