Saturday, May 21 4:30 PM Donald Boissonneault                                            
By:  Judy and Quent Boyle

Sunday, May 22

7:30 AM People of the Parish                                           
10:00 AM Normand Perron
By:  Rae Perron

Wednesday, May 25   8:00 AM Michael Lacovara
By:  Patty Papio         

Ascension Thursday, May 26
8:00 AM People of the Parish  
5:30  PM Souls in Purgatory

Friday, May 27 8:00 AM Theresa Beil
By:  Patty Papio             

Saturday, May 28   4:30 PM Cameron Morrissette                   
By:  Susan Whitman

Sunday, May 29

7:30 AM People of the Parish
10:00 AM Mildred Berry
By:  Millie Berry