Dear Parishioners and Visitors:

Tomorrow, the Catholic Church remembers in her liturgies the ministry of Saint Benedict, Abbot and Founder of the Benedictine Monks. For over 1500 years, the Benedictines have been living communally in monasteries all over the world. They live according to the Rule of Saint Benedict, a succinct guide that emphasizes prayer, work, simplicity, and hospitality. Benedict’s Rule for monastic living has been soul inspiring and formative for countless numbers of persons who have lived as monks, nuns, priests, deacons, teachers, parish workers, seekers of holiness, and so many others. It has been a guidebook on the path of Christian discipleship, but also helpful to all people desiring to live a good life.

The Rule says that every visitor should be treated as Christ himself. Our little parish community here at Saint Joseph Church adopts Benedict’s canon on hospitality, and – with special thanks to our Greeters and Collectors – extends a hearty welcome to those visitors who join us while exploring the Whites. “You are the Body of Christ, and each one of you is part of it (I Cor. 12:27).”

All are welcome in this place!

Fr. John Mahoney