Saturday, October 29 4:30 PM Tina Sutton                                                         
By:  Ted Sutton

Sunday, October 30

  7:30 AM Huguette Dumont                                           
By:  Jean-Marc  
 10:00 AM The People of the Parish                                      

Tuesday, November 1– Solemnity of All Saints

 8:00 AM Our deceased loved ones
 5:30 PM Our deceased loved ones

Wednesday, November 2 8:00 AM Herta Sutton  
By:  Ted Sutton

Thursday, November 3 8:00 AM Marguerite Young
By:  The Family of Marguerite Young

Friday, November 4 8:00 AM Delmar Clough
By:  Rae Perron

Saturday, November 5   4:30 PM Emil and Agnes Betak (Living)
By:  Their Daughter

Sunday, November 6

 7:30 AM Chris Maki (25th Anniversary)
By:  Mom and Dad  
10:00 AM The People of the Parish