Saturday, November 5  4:30 PM    Emil and Agnes Betak (Living)                             
  By:  Their Daughter

Sunday, November 6

7:30 AM Chris Maki (25th Anniversary)                  
By:  Mom and Dad  
10:00 AM  The People of the Parish                                       

Wednesday, November 9 8:00 AM Herta Sutton                                                      
By:  Ted Sutton

Thursday, November 10 8:00 AM The Souls in Purgatory

Friday, November 11 8:00 AM Marty Nastasia (Living)
By:  Maria Schirduan

Saturday, November 12 4:30 PM Mary Jane and Clement Comesana, Sr.  
By:  Ronnie Comesana

Sunday, November 13
7:30 AM John and Alice Mosco  
By:  Peter and Carol Govoni  
10:00 AM The People of the Parish