Saturday, November 19   4:30 PM Patty Papio                                                      
By:  Nate and Nina Haynes

Sunday, November 20

7:30 AM   The People of the Parish                                   
10:00 AM  Eric Johnson                                                   
By:  Rae Perron

Wednesday, November 23 8:00 AM Herta Sutton  
By:  Ted Sutton

Thursday, November 24 – THANKSGIVING   
8:00 AM The People of the Parish

Friday, November 25 8:00 AM Jack and Rosemary O’Brien

Saturday, November 26 4:30 PM Tina Sutton
By:  Ted Sutton

Sunday, November 27

7:30 AM The People of the Parish
10:00 AM Joyce M. Perreault              
By:  Perrault Family