We are very grateful to those      who contributed to provide such beautiful flowers for our Easter celebrations.  While many donations were given anonymously, many were offered in memory of family members and other loved ones. May they be remembered in our prayers of gratitude.

DonorIn Memory/Honor of

Patrick and Christine Walsh: All our loving family and friends,  Sonja Sabbath, Elciu and Chris Bahadirli, Richard.

Doug and Margaret Sweeney: Robert, Sr. and Marianne Loranger, John and Lillian Sweeney, Mary Moniz, Loranger/Grady Family, Mark Rosier.

Rose Marie Henderson: Robert Henderson, Sr., Ciarleglio Family.

Janet Peltier: Herman and Helen Cadorette, Claire Ward.

Mary Pieroni: Michael, Sr. and Mary Iarocci, Albert Pieroni,  Cecilia Pieroni, Eugenio and Nicolena Muscatelli, Luigi and Lena Iarocci, Angelo Pezzo, Octavio and Pauline Pieroni, Amato and Emma   Iodicola, Thomas and Michelina        Muscatelli, Ed and Isabelle Rafferty, Marguerite Lemieux, Terry Solo.

Barbara Vitale: Marguerite and Millard Young, Michael Vitale, Roger Libby, Marshall Young.

Rae Perron: Aime Perron and Family, Clough Family,  Macedo Family, Eric Johnson, Barbara Eiserlo.

Lee and Eileen Latham: Matthew and Mary Driscoll.

Laura Laufenberg: Joseph W. Laufenberg, Jr.

Susan Whitman: Dale Whitman, Randolph and Blanche Boyle, Sandra Borgnis, Shirley Leclerc and family, Whitman and Rogers Family, Cameron Morrissette.

Jan and Grazyna Wolowski: Golik Tadeusz, Tom Livingston, Wolowski Family, Golik Family, Zdrojewski Family, All Souls in Purgatory.

Elizabeth Poirier:  Etienne Poirier.

Karen and Brian Gallagher:  Fran and Dick Schlaefer, Vincent and Rita Gallagher, Bill and Rick Fieldman, Bill and Pat Fieldman.

John McGovern:  Thomas W. McGovern, Peggy McGovern,  Martin McGovern, Thomas M. McGovern.

Paula Strickon:  Ivan Strickon, Joyce Lightfoot Family, Strickon Family, Dombroski Family, Dear Friends.

Kevin and Barbara Flynn:  The Flynn Family, The Lees Family.

Continued blessings of the Easter Season to all,

Fr. John Mahoney