Dear Parishioners and Visitors:

No pastor likes to speak about temporal matters from the pulpit, but sometimes it’s necessary and is even stipulated at certain intervals by the statutes of the Diocesan Finance Council.  Surprisingly, sometimes is pays off!  I am happy to report that a number of generous donors have come forward to contribute to the front steps and railings project.  There is simply no way to express our gratitude adequately to these benefactors.  Please keep them in your prayers of thanksgiving.  Further, I have just completed a proposal to Bishop Libasci, applying for a safety grant of 25% of the estimated repair and reconstruction costs.  Please keep that venture in your prayers, too.

The exterior granite stairs and railings to the church edifice have deteriorated to the point that the stairway, at the recommendation of Porter & Curtis Risk Management Company, has been closed until necessary repairs are made to avoid the potential of hazardous falls and other injuries. According to our architect and contractor, the granite slabs have shifted over the years from poor drainage, freeze/thaw cycles, and the heaving of the ground below, resulting in widening gaps between the granite slabs and the loosening of the handrails. It has been determined that repair of the steps and railings, long deferred, cannot be delayed any longer.

I am most grateful to Jake Belanger of White Mountain Design and Build for his willingness to expedite the project, which involves the use of heavy equipment to remove the granite slabs and store them in the church parking lot while the new foundation is prepared for a safer, sturdier, and more permanent infrastructure.

With prayerful best wishes,

Fr. John Mahoney