Dear Parishioners and  Visitors: 

We are very grateful for all the donations given in memory of fathers, living and deceased, on Father’s Day 2023.  While many were given anonymously, we entrust them all to St. Joseph and the Father in Heaven.

  DonorIn Memory/Honor of

* Patrick and Christine Walsh:  Our Father in Heaven, Saint Joseph, James, Edward, Robert, J. Patrick and Sven
* Doug and Margaret Sweeney: Robert Loranger, Sr., John  Sweeney
* Rose Marie Henderson: Nicholas Ciarleglio  
* Quentin Boyle:  Sam Boyle, Quentin W. Boyle, Curtis  Sawyer
* Janet Peltier: Herman Cadorette, Lawrence Peltier
* Edward and Margie Rody:  Joseph Misejko, George Rody
* Mary Pieroni:  Michael Iarocci Sr., Albert Pieroni, Louis A. Pieroni,  Michael Iarocci, Jr., John Paolino,  Eugenio       Muscatelli, Luigi Iarocci, Angelo Pezzo, Octavio Pieroni, Amato Iodicola,
* Barbara Vitale:  Millard Young, Roger Libby
* Letitia Stewart:  George B Stewart, Gus Ferrora, John      Indelicato
* Jerry and  Joanne McCarthy:  John F. Clancy
* David and Estela Garland:  Saturnino Abarca
* Laura Laufenberg:  Joseph W. Laufenberg, Jr.
* Susan Whitman:  Randolph Boyle, Winfield Whitman,  William Boyle
* Charles and Pauline Harrington:  Leonard Bossie, Percy   Harrington
* Elizabeth Poirier:  Etienne Poirier.
* Patricia Hamdan:  Fausto Hamdan and St. Joseph
* Karen and Brian Gallagher:  Herman H. Schlaefer, Vincent R. Gallagher, William R. Fieldman, Sr.
* Paula Strickon:  William Lightfoot, Milton Strickon, Anthony Dombroski
* Kevin and Barbara Flynn:  Robert Flynn,  John  Lees, Kevin Flynn

With Prayerful Best Wishes,

 Fr. John Mahoney