“No one claimed that any of his possessions was his own, but they had everything in common.”

It’s unlikely that those who survive the pandemic will look back on these days with much nostalgia.  Sickness and loss, fear and division, stress and isolation.  The consequences will be with us for a generation.  Yet emerging from the tragedy were also instances of humanity, decency, and heroism that echoed the time of the first Apostles and disciples.  We’ve shared food, masks, information, errands, songs.  We’ve gathered on balconies and in virtual rooms. We’ve found ways to pray, to heal, and to encourage.  This Divine Mercy Sunday, give thanks for those who have helped you through this and every crisis – especially to healthcare workers and to those volunteers in the local community who’ve helped with the massive undertaking of “getting shots into arms!”

Special thanks, too, to the many parishioners and visitors who were able to attend the Lenten, Triduum, and Easter liturgies this year!  We should be ever grateful to those who volunteered their time and efforts to ensure a safe and sanitized church, a beautiful worship environment, and reverent Masses and liturgies: Our wonderful team of ushers that welcomes everyone and maintains good order (Special thanks to Max, our youngest usher!); our Safety Committee members who protect us with compliance issues relative to Mass registration, crowd control, and distancing requirements; our Liturgy Committee (notably Colette, Delia, and Mike I.) that works tirelessly to schedule ministers and adorn the church with flowers and banners; our music ministers (Margaret and her colleagues) who support our worship with appropriate and uplifting music (Alleluia!); all of our lectors and EMs (Excellent Easter fire on Holy Saturday with the help of Jay Bartlett and Jan Wolowski!) who proclaim the Word of God and distribute the Body of Christ; our sacristans who set out vessels and prepare sacred linens (Thanks, Lisa!) for Holy Mass; the volunteers who led the Stations of the Cross on Friday evenings; our Faith Formation team that fostered a deeper understanding of Easter faith in the parish’s children; and, of course, to the volunteers who work behind the scenes counting collections – especially Nina and Susan, but also Colette, Millie, Mary, Eileen, and Barbara!

Father John Mahoney