Donor In Memory/Honor of
Quentin & Judy Boyle Sam Boyle
Gisele Laliberte Special Intention
Laura Laufenberg Joseph W. Laufenberg, Jr.
Rae Peron Aime Perron, Perron family, Clough family, Macedo
Family, Eric Johnson
Ray & Jane Maki Chris Maki, Philip & Paul Hajjar, Sol & Betty Hajjar,
Martin & Edla Maki, Ralph Carol & Gary Maki,
Ray & Edith Morris, Katherine Emerson
Susan Whitman Dale Whitman, Randolph & Blanche Boyle, Sandra, Ray &
Randy Borgnis, Shirley, Robert & Michael LeClerc,
Cameron Morrissette, Whitman Family
Nancy Bujeaud Claire Bujeaud, Jim Bujeaud
Ed & Elaine Whitlock Special Intention
Anonymous Special Intention
Janet Peltier Herman & Helen Cadorette, Claire Ward
Fred & Peggy Mehrmann Special Intention
Ed & Margie Rody George & Helen Rody, Joseph & Margaret Misejko
Barbara Vitale Michael Vitale, Marguerite & Millard Young, The Young &
Laleme families, Roger Libby
Annie Anderson Nancy Holtzman, Beatrice St. Hillarne
Nathan & Nina Haynes Joseph & Mabel Lehoullier, Irving & Helena Haynes
Rosemarie Henderson Special Intention
John McGovern Special Intention
Mary Pieroni Michael & Mary Iarocci, Albert Pieroni, Michelina
Muscatelli, Isabel Rafferty, Marguerite Lemieux,
Deceased Pieroni/Iadiocoia, Deceased Iarocci/Muscatelli
Michael Iarocci Special Intention
Nancy & David Gardner David Gardner, Jr.
Doug & Margaret Sweeney John & Lillian Sweeney, Mary Moniz, Robert &
Marianne Loranger
Jack McDonald Special Intention
Patricia Hamdan Dr. F. Hamdan, MD
Lee & Eileen Latham Matthew & Mary Driscoll
Consider the lilies, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin; but I tell you, not even Solomon in all his glory clothed himself like one of these (Luke 12:27).

We are ever grateful to those who contributed to provide such beautiful flowers to adorn the church during the Easter Season.  May they, and those memorialized, be remembered in our prayers of gratitude!
Continued blessings of the Easter Season to all,     Fr. John Mahoney