Dear Parishioners,

I wish you to be aware of some repairs around the parish property that need to be addressed, some sooner rather than later. Originally, most of these proposed projects were scheduled to be addressed in 2017-2019 but were postponed due to changes in parish leadership and the disruption of the pandemic.  Over recent months, I have been in consultation with the Parish Finance Council and with Mike Iarocci, Chairperson of Buildings and Grounds, about obtaining estimates and prioritizing the projects.

1.  The front porch of the rectory has been heaving and buckling over the past two to three years, causing warping of the railings and decking and dislocating of multiple spindles. Mike Iarocci and Gene Duquette have examined the condition of the porch and report that the infrastructure, especially the in-ground footings underneath the deck, need reinforcement, finding insect and water damage. This required removal of shrubbery, and will entail dismantling of the porch’s superstructure (not the roof), reassembling, and painting the rectory porch. Navarra’s Landscaping, under regular contract with St. Joseph’s, has removed the shrubbery in front of the porch structure.

2. Presby Construction Company in Franconia, who has done work for our area churches in the past, will provide next week an estimate to repair 1) the church’s granite front steps, 2) the insecure and unsafe handrails leading to the church’s front door, and 3) the church’s four front doors that need realignment and refinishing. Reportedly, Presby was contracted a few years ago to construct the handicapped ramp on the Church.

3. J.S. Adams Lock & Security Company, who installed the cur-rent security system in the church, will provide an estimate to upgrade and/or install a fifth video camera in the church’s nave that will capture all spots where money is donated – i.e., the poor box and all candle money boxes. Also, locks will be replaced on all three doors leading into the sacristy. These upgrades and replacements are needed in light of past and recent security problems. They are recommended following the recent investigation of the church property by the Internal Auditor’s Office at the Diocese of Manchester.

4. New England Power Sound, who is contracted to service the church’s sound system, will visit the church in October or November to assess and upgrade as necessary the transmitters, microphones and speakers.

5. At some point in the future, I plan to appoint a committee to discuss painting and carpeting the interior of the church edifice.

    More information will be forthcoming as plans develop for these construction projects, large and small, but all manageable.  In the meantime, thank you for your spiritual and financial support of St. Joseph’s Parish!

With prayerful best wishes,

Fr. John Mahoney