Dear Parishioners and  Visitors,

Many of the faithful in our pews dedicate their lives to the honorable work of education in public and private institutions, as well as leading students to Christ in faith formation classes.  One of my high-school teachers used to say, “God goes before me into  every classroom I enter. God is present in that room before, during, and after I teach.  I don’t have to do it all.”  If you stop and think about it, God  continues to work within these students long after you are no longer around. Thanks be to God!

Our faith formation teachers, Paula King and  Kathleen McDermott are dedicated teaching professionals who bring others to Christ and bring Christ to others. As Jesus’ disciples watched him ascending to heaven, he promised that the Holy Spirit would be with them always. We have faith, then, that the Spirit of God guides the hearts of all teachers who believe in His Word.

During this National Teacher Appreciation Week 2024, remember to say a word of gratitude to a teacher you know, or say a prayer for a teacher from your past who taught you something worthwhile about Christian living!

With prayerful best wishes,

Fr. John Mahoney